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Pssst! I'm spilling the beans: The Cookie Rookie Guide


Welcome to my very first blog post! Here you will find a collection of all my favorite things and links to where you can get them. When I first began cookie decorating, I wasn't sure where to start, and a list like this would have been unbelievably helpful to me as a rookie! These are all products that I have used and recommending from personal experience. They may or may not be fit for everyone so I highly suggest doing your own research before purchasing anything! I will be updating it as I discover more amazing things. Enjoy!


Cottage Food License - CT Residents only

If you live in Connecticut and are looking to get a Cottage Food License, start here:

17 hats

Heard of 17hats? I use it to organize and automate my small business, and I swear by it. Their feature-packed platform saves me time and money, and lets me focus on what I do best – not paperwork. And only because you’ve been referred by me, a 17hats member, can you get this special pricing. But be sure to use this referral code xfzxhpxtpf to get this invitation-only pricing. Just click on the link below:

Tools & Supplies


Kitchen Aid Mixer

Measuring Spoon

Rolling Pin

Baking Mats

Baking Trays


Royal Icing :

Meringue Powder



Spray Bottle


Food Color – Student Kit

Piping Bags.

Scribe Tool


Another vital but not entirely necessary item is the Pico Projector. This projector has helped me enhance the design consistency of my cookies! I highly recommend investing in one!

Pico Projector - Requires additional accessories to connect to the Apple iPad I use, see below

Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter

+ HDMI to mini HDMI cable

Apple iPad - you can also use a laptop or a computer to connect to projector.


Heat Sealer

Cellophane bags 4x6

Cellophane Bags 5x7

Cookie Tags

Cookie Cutters (more coming soon!):

Wilton Cookie Cutter Set

Wilton Easter Cutter Set

I hope you find some amazing new things to try from this list and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below. xx

lots of love,


This post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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